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■Presentation Day (2012/03/16)

Summary of Activities
Youth Center in Amman for Jordanian youth and displaced Iraqi youth, temporarily ceased, will restart activities Summer 2010. Jordan activities are in need of donations to continue.

Why Jordan?

As of 2009, Jordan is said to be home to an estimated 500,000 Iraqi refugees. Many are not allowed to work and their entire livelihood depends on aid from relatives. Iraqi refugee children were permitted to attend public school in Jordan in 2007, but for many reasons, including bullying, children have dropped out. These children also witnessed the killings of family and friends in the Iraq war, and many have been kidnapped and/or beaten.

To help with this trauma, in October 2007 KnK started a new Youth Center with education and psychological therapy for Iraqi refugee children in Jordan. We also place emphasis on a growing understanding and respect between the refugee children and those native to Jordan.

At the Youth Center, various classes including computer art, mathematics, English, and sports such as soccer and traditional dance are offered. In 2008 and 2009 we conducted a video workshop for youth to help promote inter-cultural understanding between Jordanian and Iraqi youth.

KnK Jordan also runs a peer educator program to help restore confidence in these youth and prepare them for an adult life. These educators lead discussion groups and in some cases even teach classes at the Youth Center.

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