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Summary of Activities
Reporters for Friendship (Yujo no Reporter)
5 Yen Campaign for Friendship (Yujo no Goen Dama Campaign)
Public Outreach Projects
Support for the children affected by the East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami

Why Japan?
Part of KnK’s mission is to build international awareness, cooperation, and friendship among Asian youth. Our projects in Japan focus on education and outreach, connecting Japanese youth to those we work with abroad.
Since 11th March in 2011, KnK has started activity for the chidren affected by the East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami.

Reporters for Friendship (Yujo no Reporter):
The program sends Japanese youth from elementary through high school two at a time to KnK’s projects abroad. The Japanese youth tour the villages, youth centers, workshops, and have the opportunity to interview their peers. They create a report upon return of their international experiences to be distributed to schools and the media.

5 Yen Campaign for Friendship (Yujo no Goen Dama Campaign):
The 5 Yen Campaign was started to educate Japanese youth on how little money can make a big difference for a child abroad. The title is a play on words: Go-en (Japanese for 5 Yen) is the same as Goen (good relationship), so the idea is giving 5 Yen for good relationships. 5 Yen may not seem like much, but multiply it by 12 (60 Yen) and it’s enough to send a child to school for a day. 170 Yen can feed a child for a whole day! The Japanese participants learn about the children they will be helping and send a message of friendship through their donations.

Photo Exhibitions:
KnK holds various photo exhibitions at temples, schools, and galleries to show the conditions of the disadvantaged children that we work with. It tends to have a very powerful response because of the appeal of actually seeing the children and their hardships, rather than just reading about them.

Support for the children affected by the East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami:
KnK’s Four Efforts:

  1. Assistance in education materials
  2. Support in extracurricular activities such as sports and culture
  3. Support in creating a healthy living environment for children
  4. Support in reconstruction and repair of community centers

Continued support in the resumption of educational activities

After the earthquake hit on March 11, 2011, KnK delivered household supplies and relief supplies to the affected areas, at the same time carried out hearing investigations from the administrative agencies of Iwate Prefecture and cities along the Pacific Ocean. The results: many schools were affected and are expected to face difficulties in the next school semester. KnK, with the aim to help children regain their normal everyday life, began supporting schools, with a focus on from elementary, middle and high schools.

From April to September, KnK’s focus was on supporting schools by providing supplies. In cooperation with the Board of Education and with the schools, KnK provided sports uniforms and school uniforms, sports shoes, school bags, school supplies, blackboards, supplies for school lunches, school equipment, desks and chairs, communication equipment, and equipment for teachers to a total of 78 schools in Iwate Prefecture. Because the earthquake destroyed school grounds, debris accumulated and many streetlamps fell over, KnK provided 22 school buses to the cities along the Pacific to ensure safety of children. KnK has also supported the installation of a septic tank at a school, supported the reclamation of a school ground flooded by the Tsunami as well as the reconstruction of faculty housing, making every effort to regain an educational environment.

Since the support are said to focus more on elementary and middle schools, KnK was consulted from Iwate Prefecture Education Committee, Iwate Prefecture High School Teachers’ Union, as well as from each high school and carried out interviews and meetings with high schools in coastal cities as well some schools from cities inland regarding the desired demands for high schools . Based on the needs from each school, school uniforms, club activity uniforms and equipment for club activities were provided to a total of 13 schools. In addition, after finding out that the students of part-time schools and night schools affected by the earthquake felt left behind in studies, KnK began providing means of transportation and assistance in lunch fee , as well as contributing toward providing educational opportunities.

Activities thus far have been done in coordination with foreign countries. Despite difficulty in restoring daily life, KnK tries its best to provide the space and opportunity where kids can be kids, positively supporting both in-school and out of school activities.  At the schools, KnK helps provide travel assistance and buses needed for field trips, provide equipment as well as support in implementation of seasonal events and field trips at after school care programs; in addition, providing sports equipment to local sports clubs, as well as supporting and participating in their sports games.


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