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Summary of Activities
Reception center for Tsunami-affected children in Tamilnadu State Virangani

Why India?
The Sumatra earthquake tsunami on 26 December 2004 struck many Asian countries, causing severe damage and 23 million people dead or missing, including many minors. In Vaillangani, a small city known as a place of Christian pilgrimage, KnK started a reception house for children who had lost one or both of their parents.

“KnK Home" was launched in January 2005 to shelter children who had lost their families and homes in the tsunami. Most of these children’s relatives could not afford to support them, so KnK teamed up with the Depressed People's Welfare Association (DPWA) to open KnK house. Most of these children were living in poverty before the tsunami as well. KnK provides education and psychological care for the youth.


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