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NFE sports day (2014/03/24)

Summary of Activities
Youth Center, Vocational Training workshops for youth victims of Cyclone SIDR in 2007

Why Bangladesh?
Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in Asia. Resting at 12 meters below sea level it is often subject to devastating cyclones and floods. In November 2007, Cyclone SIDR left an estimated 500,000 people displaced and needing shelter. Many children work on the street to try and support their families. KnK provides training, workshops, and psychological care to help these children overcome the trauma.

The Youth Center provides basic education and psychological care for children affected by the cyclone.

Often adolescents are sent to work as urban manual labors to help support their families. To help reduce this burden, KnK has offered workshops on sewing and weaving, providing teenagers with useful skills that will hopefully increase their chances of finding steady employment.

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