■KnK Activity Report 2013 (PDF) (2014/05/30) New
Samer: The music teacher:Jordan (2014/04/30) New
NFE sports day:Bangladesh (2014/03/24) New
KnK project for Syrian refugees:Jordan (2014/01/30)
■Thoughtful gifts:Jordan (2013/12/25)
■KnK Philippines Team Starts Survey in Leyte and Samar Islands:Philippines (2013/11/26)
■Big dreams in Palestine:Palestine (2013/11/13)
■Emergency Typhoon Haiyan:Philippines (2013/11/12)
■The separation wall:Palestine (2013/11/08)
■Beautiful town: El-Alzarya:Palestine (2013/11/07)
■Video workshop in Palestine!:Palestine (2013/10/30)
■Road to being a hairdresser - The 9th training of Shaping Futures was held:Cambodia (2013/09/24)
■"6 months vocational training completed - the way forward!":Bangladesh (2013/09/11)
Steps to "Made in Cambodia (KnK)" (Part 2):Cambodia (2013/07/09)
Steps to "Made in Cambodia (KnK)" (Part 1):Cambodia (2013/07/04)
The joy of studing in a classroom - Pakistan school rebuilding project (Part 2):Pakistan (2013/06/17)
The joy of studing in a classroom - Pakistan school rebuilding project (Part 1):Pakistan (2013/06/10)
■"Shaping Futures" in Cambodia:Cambodia (2013/06/07)
■Youth Center loved by the community:Jordan (2013/05/02)
■Reporter for Friendship: I will go to see them again by all means :Japan (2013/05/02)
■Reporter for Friendship:The painful past of my new friends :Japan (2013/04/09)
■Report on the Syrian Refugee Aid Project :Jordan (2013/04/08)
■Reporter for Friendship: Visit to "House for Youth" in Battambang:Japan (2013/04/05)
■Reporter for Friendship: The first interview in Angkor Wat:Japan (2013/04/01)
■Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, 2 Years Later :Japan (2013/03/08)
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Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK), or Children without Borders, is a humanitarian educational association founded to support disadvantaged youth in Asia and raise international awareness, particularly in Japan, of the situation of those underprivileged children.
KnK was established in 1997 to support educational activities throughout Asia and achieved NPO status in 2000.

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